Children’s Room

Preschoolers to Learn About Our Civil Servants!

Beginning August 30th, our preschoolers will be exploring the services provided by our fire and EMT department, recreation center, and police force!  Representatives from these departments will come in uniform (when applicable) read a story connected to their profession, talk about their job, and help the kids explore their equipment or vehicles.  Bring your kids to the preschool programs from August 30-September 27 to get in on the fun!






Please take advantage of these learning opportunities for your children!



2017 Summer Reading Program Focused on Farming


Stories and hands-on activities were geared around this topic; everything from soil to seeds, gardening to animals, equipment and more!




Preschoolers and their parents planted seeds from the library’s seed catalog and watched them grow over the next several weeks.

Over 120 people enjoyed interacting with and learning about livestock from A4 Farm, a local, direct-market farm in Limestone. Katahdin/Dorper lambs, Berkshire piglets, a Barred Rock chicken and rooster, and a Netherland Dwarf Mini Rex mix rabbit (brought by a friend), were all a part of the exhibit.