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Happy Thanksgiving! We realize that among all the posts of food, family, and football, there are many who today are hungry, lonely, and depressed - right in our own community. We are thankful for every chance we have to be the community livingroom where everyone feels comfortable and welcome, and where dreams meet hope. <3 ...

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Succesful Woman from Caribou Maine. These talented people is their ability to inspire others. Please feel free to post if I have missed someone that should be mentioned.

Today the Caribou Public Library has some very important guest speakers. Whytnie Shannen Sackett and Deb Cyr visited the library today and discussed the Micmac culture. We learned lost of interesting subjects like tribal life, wigwams, basket weaving,smudging,sacred herbs, drumming,talking circles, sweat lodges, eagles and eagle feather. We also listened to a story about ABLEEGUMOOCH, The Lazy Rabbit. Attendees also got information about the Boys and Girls Club of Presque Isle open to all children. A huge thank you to Whytnie and Deb! We has fun and learned some awesome things!! ...


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